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When a customer shows up at your store or comes across our Facebook page, there two things that the client will leave with; the customer service and the customer experience. Over the decades, the two have been used interchangeably although they are essentially very different from each other. So what do the two mean and how can a business that sells fat burners leverage on the two to get more clients?

Customer service

This generally entails the kind of service that the client gets in your store. Friendly staff, impeccable business premises, well maintained surfaces and organised shelves are all part of the customer service. The business has a great control over the customer service and therefore they can improve on this over time especially if the clients give constant and timely feedback – weight loss pills.

Customer experience

Customer experience on the other hand is how the customer services helped the clients feel during and after shopping with your business. It includes feelings such as happiness, satisfaction and fun. Although the business has some control over the customer experience, it is quite subjective. The business may serve the client with a smile but still the client will find faults to complain about. In such cases, the customer service was great but the customer experience was nasty.

Which one matters more?

Both are important but the customer experience determines whether or not the client comes back to your store to purchase another cycle of the best fat burners. But you may ask, if the business cannot control the customer experience, how can they improve it? Well, since the experience is subjective, the business can make the experience different for each client. For example, by studying the behaviour and personality of the client, it becomes easier to tell if they will be pleased by a certain aspect or not. In short, by understanding how the business can customise each shopping experience to match the shopper’s personality, the customer experience is elevated.

The first customer experience matters most

The kind of treatment one gets the first time they shop with your business will determine whether or not they will come back. Although some clients are forgiving and they may therefore give you a second chance, some will not come back after a nasty experience. The business should therefore strive to impress all clients all the time. The customer service should however be genuine and not just geared towards generating more sales.

Characteristic of great customer service that contributes to a great client experience

The service should be genuine ad not forced. For example, greeting a client with a genuine smile as opposed to a plastic smile. It should also be consistent among different employees and for different visits. From the cleaner to the CEO, everyone should internalise the customer service objectives and goals and be certain what to do in different situations. Therefore, if a client comes to the store a couple of times in a year, they should have a consistent shopping experience. The customer service should always be better than the last time not worse.

Keep your clients happy, your employees motivated, your customer service impeccable, your customer experience incomparable and you will be smiling all the way to the bank!You will be the best fat burner supplier globally