Running As An Effective Weight Loss Activity

If you want to slim down, then go out for a run. There is simply no better activity that you can do for weight loss. Running burns more calories per minute that nearly all other forms of movement. This is because you are using you whole body in the process. It’s not all concentrated on the legs, although these muscles get the highest amount of activation. You will also use your arms to propel you forwards, as well as your core to support your upper body for good form. It’s taxing but it will all be worth it in the end once you have achieved your goals of becoming lighter, fitter and stronger.

Start Slowly and Don’t Hesitate to Walk If You Need To

One of the reasons why a lot of people have a hard time starting is that they go out too fast. This is a big mistake because it shocks the body. Always begin with a gentle warm-up to increase circulation, loosen the muscles, and get the heart rate up without getting uncomfortable. This is easy to do. Just jog at a conversational pace with your companions. You should not be out of breath even while talking to someone. If you are alone, then one good way to check is to sing or hum a tune. If this is too difficult, then you’re going too fast. You can also start by walking around the block if this feels more comfortable – best fat burner for women’s.

Plan Your Rest Days, Because Recovery is the Key to Consistency

In their eagerness to lose weight, some people try to run every single day. This may be fine for the ultra elite since their bodies are used to the stress. For most mortals, however, this is a recipe for disaster. There should be adequate recover in between sessions so that the body can bounce back stronger and not get broken down by the constant pounding. If your goal has a strict time limit and you wish to maximize the calendar, then plan other activities between running days. You could hop on a bike and pedal your way to a good sweat. You may also swim in a pool which has a low impact on the joints.

Build Endurance First, Speed Will Come Later

Once running becomes a habit, it’s easy to get obsessed with times, paces and distances. Every run feels like you always have to exceed yourself. This is not a healthy way to go. Be patient and let things progress naturally. Never force anything to happen. Build your endurance first before even attempting to gain speed. Slow and steady runs of progressive length will do you better than short intense sessions. You will burn more fats even without fat burners if you run aerobically and you will last longer as well. Of course, you have to complement this with a good diet.

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